What to Expect for Transplanted Hair Growth

The result from your hair transplant procedure takes on average about 10-12 months for what would be considered a cosmetically mature appearance.

Initially we are transplanting shaved follicular unit skin grafts.  Once the grafts are moved to their new location and the healing period has subsided (about 10 days), what remains are very tiny hair shafts or stubble in the area that was treated.  This provides somewhat of a preview of whats to come but it is a temporary stage as the follicles shed their hairs and go into a dormant phase.  This usually happens within several weeks of the procedure.  In some cases the follicles may not shed their hairs but a high percentage will.   Once the follicles have acclimated to their new environment receiving blood supply and nutrient, the new transplanted hairs will begin to emerge. This often happens between 2- 5 months. Often the grafts are staggered in their development so it can take 5 - 7 months to enjoy an improved cosmetic change.  Again, by about 1 year post-op the transplanted hair is of styling length and optimal caliber.   See early growth example below.


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