Expected Hair Density Following Treatment

How much density can I expect? 

The maximal density is achieved in each treatment by distributing 1-2 hair follicular unit grafts at the margins and 2-4 hair grafts interiorly. Proper allocation of donor supply generally allows restoring bald areas to 40-50% of their original density. As most people are not aware that their hair is thinning until they have lost 50% or more of their original density, patients who have or will develop extensive baldness (Class5-6) can generally be restored to this level. Patients who have partial baldness or who elect to focus treatment on only part of their bald scalp can achieve density approaching that of youth. Individual variations in the amount and quality of donor hair influences what can be achieved.

Our current treatments are transplanted at 40 to 70 grafts/sq. cm.

It is expected that virtually all of the donor hair harvested will be transplanted and grow. It is our policy that we place all of the grafts produced in each session (even if we get more than the targeted amount), and in the rare instance growth rate is less than the anticipated 98-99%, we will replace lost grafts at no charge.

When transplanting into old scarred areas in a revision case of old transplants done years ago, the growth rate will be somewhat less. This is because the scarring of the old section makes it difficult for the blood supply to get to the new grafts. Nevertheless repair treatments do an excellent job of hiding old style hair transplants.

The before and after below is representative of the kind of density and improvement that can occur with modern hair transplantation. 5332 grafts were transplanted for this patient.


Video Hair Transplant Results: Greg

Greg had 1 hair transplant session consisting of
4325 grafts - a total of 6545 hairs.