Is Hair Restoration Surgery Painful?

Patient undergoing hair restoration surgeryPatients uniformly report that they found their procedures and healing much easier to go through than they had imagined.

99% of our procedures are performed with a combination of mild oral sedation and comfortable application of local anesthesia. Patients are not in pain during the procedure.

With FUT strip harvesting patients do report experiencing mild to moderate pain in the donor area for the first 24 to 72 hours. This is well controlled through prescribed medication. Mild soreness persists in the donor area for another week or two, rarely to a degree that anything other than over-the-counter pain medications is required.

With FUE patients will rarely use prescription pain medications after the night of their procedure and over-the-counter pain medications for one to two more days.

Hair transplantation is associated with pain levels less than most dental and cosmetic surgical procedures.‚Äč

Before and after hair restoration pictures

Hair restoration system

Video: What Is the Whole Experience Like?

An actual True & Dorin patient talks about how pleasant and painless his hair transplant was.

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