Understanding Possible Hair Restoration Treatment Complications

Is treatment safe? What can go wrong?

Yes, modern hair transplantation is extremely safe.

These are minor outpatient procedures, not major hospital operations. Current methods involve superficial skin only.

Our procedures are conducted in a dedicated facility that goes beyond all state and federal requirements for infection control and sterility. While not impossible, infection with a hair transplant is extremely rare and when treated with antibiotics resolves without damage.

In the past, patients would often get swelling in the forehead and the area around the eyes. With recent innovation, Dr. True and Dr. Dorin are able to nearly eliminate swelling as a post operative issue. This major development will now enable patients to have treatment with ease and to resume normal activities sooner.

Temporary localized numbness of the skin may occur. This does resolve completely except in rare cases. Even in these only small localized deficits of no functional consequence occur. The numbness and related sensations may take a few weeks to few months to resolve.

Another issue patients may encounter is temporary increased shedding of hair immediately following a transplant. We control this problem by modifying our methods when working in areas of remaining native hair and using pre and post-operative hair loss control medications. Although this shedding can be disconcerting it rarely is to a degree that is not more than compensated for by the transplanted hair.

It is common for some patients to go through a phase 3 to 6 months after their transplant that they get scattered pimples in the transplanted scalp. These are a nuisance factor only and are self resolving rarely requiring short term treatment.

The days of wide conspicuous donor scars are gone. Patients do not need to be concerned with either our strip FUT or FUE procedures.

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