Advanced Hair Restoration Technology

Should I wait for better technology to come along?

There has been an explosive improvement in medical and surgical hair restoration over the past ten years. Every year through professional interchange small further refinements occur. We have a great deal to offer the hair loss sufferer today.

When will the next major breakthrough occur? What will it be?

Like our fellow hair loss medical professionals we believe the next big thing will be cloning or multiplying hair follicles in the laboratory. This will overcome our major current limitation, which is finite donor hair supply that is really less than we need for full restoration. Active research is underway. But this will be a breakthrough in cellular biology of major magnitude. Even if one of the research labs announced a break though today it will take three to five years to turn this into something that has clinical application.

So, waiting for the next big thing is likely to be another five to ten years of waiting. Meanwhile, it is unlikely that taking advantage of the current sophisticated techniques now, will prevent you from also being able to benefit from future developments. Theoretically, even hair that has been transplanted now could be used as a source for follicle multiplication.

Actual Patient Results

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