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Swimming After Hair Transplant Surgery: Patient Guidelines

August 15, 2018 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Restoration Recovery

Swimming too soon in a pool or saltwater after hair restoration surgery can lead to complications. The New York, NY hair transplant surgeons of True & Dorin Medical Group discuss this issue.

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How Stem Cells Are Being Used to Treat Hair Loss

March 14, 2018 — by Robert True
Tags: Stem Cell Therapy Hair Loss Hair Restoration

Stem cell therapy can help treat hair loss at our New York, NY practice, offering an advanced enhancement to transplant surgery and traditional restoration techniques.

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Treatment for Hair Loss Caused by Anorexia

February 28, 2018 — by Robert True
Tags: Anorexia Hair Loss Hair Restoration Hair Thinning Diet

Anorexia can leading to thinning hairlines and balding. Our team of hair restoration specialists consider drugs and transplant surgery as solutions to address these problems.

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The Benefits of Bio Enhanced Hair Transplants

August 30, 2017 — by Robert True
Tags: Bio Enhanced Hair Transplant Hair Restoration

Bio enhanced hair transplants have a number of benefits for people who are bald or suffer from thinning hair. Let's cover these advantages.

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Bio Enhanced Hair Transplant Treatment: Who Is a Candidate?

March 30, 2017 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Restoration Bio Enhance Hair Transplant

Bio enhanced hair transplant surgery can improve FUT and FUE procedures. Let's consider who are ideal candidates for this hair loss treatment option.

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How Hair Transplant Repair Can Fix an Unnatural Hairline

October 29, 2016 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Restoration Corrective Surgery

Hair restoration surgery can help address issues with an uneven or unnatural hairline from a previous restoration or the result of thinning and balding.

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The History of Hair Transplant Surgery

September 30, 2016 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Restoration

The history of hair transplant surgery goes all the way back to the 1800s. Let's consider the various innovations in restoration procedures.

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Lifestyle Changes Before Hair Transplant Surgery Can Help Improve Results

August 31, 2016 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Restoration

By making lifestyle changes before your hair transplant surgery, you can improve the results and increase chances for success.

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The Benefits of ACell with PRP Hair Restoration

July 30, 2016 — by Robert True
Tags: Acell Hair Restoration Hair Regrowth Prp

ACell and PRP hair restoration uses injections in order to address thinning and balding. Let's look at the benefits of this treatment.

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How Many Grafts Will I Need for My Hair Restoration Surgery?

April 30, 2016 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Restoration

The number of hair grafts needs to surgically reverse balding and hair loss can vary from patient to patient. Let's go over the basics.

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